How to book a trial class

Step 1:

Download and install Skype,WeChat or QQ

All TryChinese classes can be taken using Skype, WeChat or QQ. These are all different types of communication software which allow you to enjoy the convenience of having either a video or audio call class with your teacher.  Skype, WeChat and QQ can be used on your desktop / laptop computer, tablet or smartphone.

In order to get started, you would have to first download either Skype, WeChat or QQ and then create a free account.




get wechat




get QQ




get skype-min

get skype

Step 2:

Book a trial class


All trial classes are free of charge except for “Pronunciation & Grammar Patterns” trial classes. Pronunciation & Grammar Patterns trial classes require only an advance payment of $5 US dollars.

You can book a trial class for any of the following:

Depending on your preference, you can choose to have either a 30-minute trial class or a 60-minute trial class.

To book a trial class, please send us an email: In order to allow your teacher to best prepare for your trial class, you can also choose to include answers to the following questions in your email:

(a) How long have you been studying Chinese?

(b) Why do you wish to study Chinese? Do you have any specific goals?

Step 3:

Take your trial class

Before your trial class, you will receive a reply to your email from us. This email will:

  • Confirm the date and time of your trial class
  • Confirm whether you will be using Skype, WeChat or QQ
  • Provide you with information about your teacher
  • Provide you with any learning material that your teacher may have chosen for your trial class

Shortly after your trial class, you will receive the following via email:

(a) a professional report analyzing how your lesson went

(b) a professional study plan prepared to help you attain your goals

(c) detailed comments from your teacher about areas you should focus on and how to improve in those areas

Keep Learning

Enjoy your classes , anywhere , anytime

After your trial class, if you wish to continue studying Chinese with us you can easily register for one of our courses. The process is easy.

The first step is to discuss your study plan with your teacher and then after that you can purchase a package of classes for one of our courses.

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