Pronunciation & Grammar Patterns Course Pricing

  • There are absolutely no hidden charges.
  • Longer subscription packages benefit from a larger discount.
  • TryChinese will base its lesson plans according to your level and objectives.
  • For this course, there are three types of study plans: 1-to-1 classes,Semi-private classes and self-study classes. All three study plans include access to TryChinese lessons (explanations, examples, dialogues, vocabulary list and grammar patterns) in the form of PDF documents, audio files, and flashcards as well as lesson self-check quizzes.
  • You may cancel a class within a mere two hours ahead of the scheduled class time. The cancelled class will not incur any fees.

    1-to-1 Classes

  • In 1-to-1 classes, the participants are just you and the teacher. You will benefit from the teacher focusing exclusively on your needs and performance.
  • There are eight 1-to-1 classes per month.
  • All 1-to-1 classes are 30 minutes long.

    Semi-private Classes

  • In semi-private classes, the participants are you, another student and the teacher (a total of three people).
  • You will have the opportunity to meet and practice speaking Chinese with a classmate (and a potential new friend!) who has the same Chinese level as you and you will save a bit on fees as well (compared to 1-to-1 classes).
  • There are eight semi-private classes per month.
  • All semi-private classes are 30 minutes long.

    Self-study Plan

  • Full access to TryChinese lessons and materials.
  • Full access to lesson self-check quizzes.
  • Suitable for motivated self-learners on a budget.
  • Learners who wish to receive support and answers to questions from a TryChinese teacher should consider either 1-to-1 classes or semi-private classes.


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