Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Preparation Courses

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What will you learn and get in the HSK preparation courses?

At TryChinese, HSK Preparation courses from HSK level 1 to level 6 are aimed at meeting the needs of anyone wanting to pass the HSK examination.

The course includes development of listening, reading comprehension and writing skills, with an emphasis on teaching test-taking skills and strategies to achieve better results on the exam.

It consists of two parts:

Part I:

Learning new words and grammar points through dialogues and passages with certified HSK HSK course - 1 _副本material.

  • Mastering interactive learning methods for comprehensive vocabulary and comprehension exercises for each lesson.
  • Practice speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing skills with classmates and teachers using fun and effective teaching methods.
  • Receive feedback and recommendations from qualified teachers in order to overcome any learning obstacles you encounter.

Part II:

Acquire familiarity with the HSK exam.

  • Learn how to register for the HSK exam.
  • Learn more about each type of test question and become familiar with test requirements.
  • Gain valuable experience by taking mock HSK test papers and receive targeted feedback from our teachers in order to improve your comprehension and test-taking skills.
  • Gain the ability to estimate how prepared you are for your current exam level by taking part in the mock HSK test.

Based on your current skill level and requirements, we will advise you about whether you should take both part I and part II of our HSK Preparation Course. If you are unsure of your current Mandarin Chinese proficiency level, we can help evaluate your current HSK level and recommend a course of study for you.

Our HSK preparation courses are based on a carefully worked out cyclical program. The program also lets you find the learning style you like best. You’ll benefit from constant guidance and encouragement every step of the way, boosting your confidence and keeping you motivated so that you are bound to succeed. Simply put, we provide all the training, support and guidance you need to achieve the results you expect.

All you need is to take the first steps to success! Start your journey to success with TryChinese.

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