Customized 1-To-1 Chinese Course

A comprehensive solution with VIP services provided to students learning MandarinChinese with TryChinese

TryChinese’s 1-to-1 Chinese course offers an efficient, customized approach to learning Mandarin Chinese online that delivers results.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner of Mandarin Chinese, our customized courses offer learning opportunities for every level. Whether you are a child or an adult, if you are eager to improve your Mandarin Chinese, we’d be delighted to assist you on your exciting language journey.

You can learn Chinese with us from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a video instant messenger ID (such as Skype or WeChat).

What do customized 1-on-1 Chinese Courses offer?

(1) Expert consulting about your overall study plan

Online Mandarin level test

In-depth analysis of your goals and needs

Professional and systematic study plan

(2) Effective Learning

Recommendation of learning materials that are suited for you

Relaxed and friendly classroom atmosphere

(3) Fluency Practice

Practice using spoken Mandarin in simulated life situations

Regular social activities with teachers, other learners and native speakers

Opportunity to learn Chinese every day and apply it after class

(4) Comprehensive feedback and review

After-class feedback and summary

Usage of a variety of activities to review language items

Regular testing

Correction and feedback of your homework assignments

(5) Expert consulting about the finer details of your study plan

Regular provision of effective study resources for your needs

Careful monitoring of your study progress by our teachers

(6) Personalized Evaluation Report

Regular personalized analysis of student’s strengths and weaknesses

Recommendations for improvement

Regardless of the level of training that you require, TryChinese will help you be at your best! You won’t find a solution this personal and practical anywhere else.


More VIP services you will receive:

  1. Certified and experienced teachers to help you quickly improve
  2. Flexible lesson arrangements:All TryChinese 1-to-1 courses can be cancelled 4 hours before class starts.

Join the TryChinese Club:

Available to all 1-to-1 customized course students:

  • Community – Join a supportive learning community composed of students, native speakers and teachers.
  • Friends – Make friends to last a lifetime at the TryChinese Club.
  • Events – Join our events with other students.

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