The Meaning Behind TryChinese(Chinese Name: 初爱中文)

The name “TryChinese” was inspired by a story I once heard. The story went like this:

At the age of 18, a young man traveled to China and met a Chinese girl about his own age during a group tour. He liked her dimples, her smile, and her soft voice. However, he was shy and could not speak any Chinese. He could only admire her from afar. On the last day of his stay, the girl gave him a folding fan with a poem written in Chinese on it. He didn’t understand the poem, but he thought the fan was very nice. He politely said thank you and said goodbye to her. He has held onto the folding fan as a treasure for many years, and it has always been a reminder of his secret love for the girl.

One day, he talked to a Chinese friend about this experience and showed him the folding fan. After his friend read and explained the poem to him, he finally understood its meaning.




When those red berries of the South,

Flush on the branches in the spring,

Take home an armful, for my sake,

As a symbol of our love.

It was at that moment that he suddenly realized that the girl had secretly liked him too all along. His first love had been a missed opportunity.

The Chinese name of TryChinese is “初爱中文”.In Pinyin the letters for “初爱 ” are “chu” and “ai”, when combined, it becomes “chuai.” The pronunciation of “chuai” is similar to that of “try” in English. “初爱” means first love. But of course we all know the meaning of try, and“中文” means Chinese. All of these insights imply: Learning Chinese is like a first love. You must have the courage to try! If you are a little hesitant and afraid, we’ll help you along the way. But this time, it’s going to be the love for the Chinese language!

A Message from Joanna Lee (Founder)

As the founder of TryChinese, my goal is to help you succeed in reaching your study goals with the assistance of our excellent teachers and superior approach to teaching Mandarin. Using my rich experience as a teacher of Mandarin as a second language, I design and manage the overall curriculum at TryChinese. I am also responsible for developing and continually improving our personalized services model.

Furthermore, I draw upon my skills and knowledge as a former human resources officer to manage of the wonderful pool of talent we have here at TryChinese. All of our great teachers here consult with me on at least a weekly basis to ensure that our students are receiving a wonderful Chinese-learning experience.

Ultimately, I would like every student here to receive outstanding service and a gratifying personal experience while achieving his or her goals.


Joanna Lee


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