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From a flexibility perspective, we understand that many of our students are busy with other life commitments and may have to cancel a class on short notice.  Therefore, a student may cancel a class within a mere two hours ahead of the scheduled class time.  The cancelled class will not incur any fees whatsoever and the student may reschedule the class to a convenient time.  Furthermore, at the beginning of each month, the student may choose whether classes for that month will be 30 minutes long or 60 minutes long each.

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In addition, our 1-to-1 classes offer students the ability to have their class content customized according to their needs and desires.  For example, a student working in the finance industry may wish to focus on business and finance terms while a student going on a student exchange program may wish to focus on daily living conversations.

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Operating a high quality Chinese language school involves not only having excellent teachers but also the capability of managing these teachers and the course curriculum to satisfy each student’s individual needs and goals. All of our high-quality, experienced teachers are coordinated by Joanna Lee (founder and lead teacher at TryChinese).  Joanna draws upon her experience as university training and experience as a human resources officer in an international company in order to effectively manage all of TryChinese’s teachers in a manner that is best for the students.  Additionally, as the developer of the main curriculum at TryChinese, Joanna relies on her experience as a private online Chinese language instructor to design effective and relevant courses.  Joanna also regularly checks up on each teacher to ensure that Try Chinese’s high standards are being fulfilled.

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